Economic promotion stimulates local businesses this Christmas

Excellent participation in the special programme to boost local businesses this Christmas organised by the Councillor for Economic Promotion Manolo Segarra. Tapas with jazz were a success and saw unprecedented participa- tion at the Christmas market. A large number of people attended the culinary get together and enjoyed a variety of tapas, sweets and drinks at popular pri- ces offered by the market stands to the rhythm of jazz. The amusing anecdote of the afternoon was a recording of the video "Mannequin challenge" on the
market square. The activities continued on 27 December with a picnic and games for children, and on 29 December there was a theatre play for children.
The free tastings of the local businesses such as Coaliment, the bakery Forn Monica, the butcher MarqueÌ?s on Calle Mayor and the Village Market on 23 and 24 December also stimulated sales. On the other hand, there was an incredible atmosphere, more participation and more stands than ever before at the Christmas market, which was a joy for the five senses, and it was also organised by the Councillor for Economic Promotion. Gastronomy, special decoration, music, artisan handicraft, candy floss and delicacies surprised the visitors.

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