Greetings from the Councillor for Communication and New Technologies

My dear friends,

After several months of work, I am delighted to present the new municipal website to you. A website that demonstrates my commitment to develop a communication plan to inform all residents of the day-to-day municipal management. To this end, we have given the website a dynamic and attractive design as well as making it intuitive and user-friendly. My premise is to inform everyone about everything. That is why I insisted on a website that provides all the information in Valencian and Castilian, as well as in English and German. Let us not forget that communication also leads to integration. And only by providing information without any language barrier can we promote the integration of foreign residents. I believe that residents, if well informed, will take a much greater and more active part in the community.

From the moment I started working in the Department of Communication and New Technologies, one of my key objectives has been to strengthen the bonds that bind us as a village, by providing information in an open, generous, and accessible manner. That is why we have activated a transparent portal, so that residents can more easily gain access to public information. I am aware that my department requires a great deal of responsibility: it is also one of the most important departments within a town council, as it encompasses all the other departments. Therefore, my duty is to ensure that each and every one of the inhabitants of the municipality is aware of every step taken in municipal management. To me, communication is like an impartial and transparent “conveyor belt”, which “transfers” to the villagers all the information about the work carried out at town hall.

I would like to see all villagers endorsing this website, acquainting themselves with it, and consulting it on a daily basis for news and other publications. All information placed on the website is supplemented by the printed magazine “Al Corrent,” which is sent to each home free of charge, and the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, App...), which are also managed by the Department of Communication. Social networks form the information “nervous system,” responsible for revitalizing the information thanks to their rapid, dynamic, and direct platforms. All these information tools, aimed at different resident profiles, should guarantee that no one feels cut off or isolated.

My goal during this current term as Councillor for Communication and New Technologies is to continue working on an interactive communication plan that embraces all residents. I want you to feel protected by the municipal government, and to understand that the town hall is an open and accessible institution. I would like my work to make you feel that we are closer to you than ever before.

Antonio Colomer

Councillor for Communication and New Technologies





Departamento de Comunicación y Nuevas Tecnologías
Tel. 966 493 369 ext.117

Dirección: C/ Mayor, 5

Correo de comunicación: comunicacio@elpoblenoudebenitatxell.org
Correo de informática: informatica@elpoblenoudebenitatxell.org

Concejal: Antonio Colomer

Email: tonicolomer@elpoblenoudebenitatxell.org


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