The Consortium of Water in Teulada – Benitatxell approves an investment package of around 4.2 million euros to increase water resources facing the drought situation

  • In the General Board, two long-awaited works of great value were allocated: the construction of the new Castellons desalination plant and the commissioning of the Canor Bessó well and its conduction to the new desalination plant.

Last Friday, the Consortium of Water Teulada – Benitatxell approved by the General Board a package of several measures to deal with the drought situation that is expected due to the scarcity of rainfall over the last year. On the one hand, in order to increase water resources and achieve quality flow, two long-awaited works of great value have been awarded by public tender: the works to start up the Canor Bessó well and the piping from this well to the Castellons desalination plant, allocated to the company Aquambiente Servicios para el sector del agua S.AU. for 1,975,926 euros; and the construction of the new Castellons desalination plant, awarded to the company Contratas Vilor S.L. for 1,655,669 euros. In addition, a 100-kilowatt solar power installation, valued at 111,536 euros, has also been improved.

At the same time, and also with the objective of continuing to increase the Consortium’s water resources, a budget of 186,872 euros has been approved to develop the Senija II well, which has been awaiting this work since 2017. This brings to an end the work that began at the end of 2022 by the technicians of both municipalities, who presented technical alternatives and economic valuations that managed to propose the most optimal solution for the drafting of the final project.

In terms of infrastructure improvement, the entity continues with the dynamic of breaking the paralysis of previous terms of office. Thus, as a continuation of the works to renovate the drinking water network in each of the councils, in 2024 Teulada Moraira will invest 202,200 euros to continue improving the drinking water distribution system and Benitatxell 140,592 euros. In addition, 36,000 euros will be destined to the complete remodelling of Cumbre del Sol and Moraira pumping stations, which affect both municipalities.

Specifically, at El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, works have already been carried out over the last two years to renovate the pipes on Alicante Avenue, La Pau, Mayor and Cantonet de Bufó streets and in the Barranc Roig area.

The board also approved the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain, a body under the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation’s Higher Centre for Scientific Research, to solve the problems of evacuation of brine from desalination plants. Through this agreement, a study will also be carried out to locate new additional resources to supply La Serp desalination plant of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

Finally, and in compliance with the indications of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar, the content of the Consortium’s Special Drought Plan was explained, approving the first set of actions to try to manage episodes with little or no availability of resources.

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