Benitatxell Civil Protection receives important donations of material from the Lions Club and AVIB as a gesture of gratitude.

  • They have donated two emergency screens to improve security and preserve the privacy of accident victims and a motor pump for water and irrigation in fires.

The citizens of El Poble Nou of Benitatxell continue showing their solidarity and great support for the local Civil Protection group. There are many entities that value their great work and want to contribute to the volunteers through donations.

Recently, the group has received two important donations of material that will help them to be more prepared for emergencies. The Teulada Moraira Lions Club has donated two emergency screens valued at approximately 2,500 euros. These are used in accidents or incidents on public roads to improve safety and preserve the privacy of the victims.

The second donation, given by the Asociación Vecinos Internacional de Benitachell (AVIB) for 650 euros, is a motor pump to be able to pump water, hydrate fire engines from swimming pools or wells and protect homes in case of fire by throwing water into the surrounding vegetation from a swimming pool or water tank.

Just over a year ago, they received a Heimlich waistcoat and an evacuation chair from the dance group Pam’s Dance Fitness Ladies and a German couple who are regular collaborators. The Lions Club and AVIB have also made donations to the group in the past. This is yet another sign of the great affection that people have for the volunteers.

As the councillor of Citizens’ Security, María José Ivars, pointed out, “they carry out impeccable work in our municipality, and also in a disinterested way. It is not surprising that people want to thank them by doing their bit. We can only thank them for their generosity and support”.

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